Sexual harassment: Maybe standards will be brought back to us

Unfortunately I haven’t been traveling to fun or exotic places recently so I apologize to those readers who have been asking nicely when will I do another travel post. Today I am writing about a much more serious topic – sexual abuse.

I have never had it happen to me, but one of my co-workers had it happen to her and she came to me for help.  She had been harassed by a senior member of our office and since I was the most senior woman in the office, she asked for my help.  I willingly did so and I am glad to say that the individual involved was rapidly removed from his job.  There was no legal pursuit.  We didn’t go to the police by the request of the employee and this was thirty years ago when other than outright rape, it was very hard to file charges.

Our world is improving in this aspect of awareness now and the ability to talk about sexual harassment, but what is so sad is that we have so many who have had to endure years of the pain that being the target of unwanted sexual contact causes.  It is especially nauseating to me that we elect men who have bragged about their behavior or who have involved minors in these heinous acts.

Where has this country gone in its moral underpinnings if someone like Moore in Alabama is still being supported?  I found it hard to believe that any woman would vote for Trump after the Access Hollywood tape but to hear women in Alabama say that they will still vote for someone who exposed himself with teenagers (yes, 16 is the legal age in Alabama, but that doesn’t excuse a 30 something from picking on a 16 and 18 year old). And to hear people interviewed saying they would rather vote for a pedophile than a Democrat is just as bad as the excuses given Clinton for his behavior with Monica Lewinsky.

Perhaps it is time for us to outlaw all party affiliation and vote for the best candidate? George Washington hated the idea of political parties, and I am now beginning to agree with him. In DC, though, if one is an Independent, one can’t vote in the primary process which is by far the more important election in DC than the general.

Maybe standards will be brought back to us.  I hope so since I will hate trying to explain to my grand-daughter someday that all of America has become inured to bad behavior if it is connected to anyone politically active.

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