Putin toying with the U.S.

For Christmas, a friend gave me a Trump catnip toy for my cat. She loves it. She plays with it constantly. I have decided that my cat should be renamed Putin since Putin is playing with Trump just as my cat is toying with her doll.

If Trump is not a paid employee of the FSB (the renamed KGB) he couldn’t be more effective in doing exactly what Russia wants. He has caused the Republican party to fall into pieces over differences in policy. He has removed the US from a leadership position in the world. He is seriously threatening the NATO alliance which has kept stability in Europe for over 70 years. He has put Putin front and center of the world which is what Putin wanted.

There are many potential reasons for the President’s behavior – true belief that the US should not lead the world, a money relationship with Russia that means he owes Russia something and Russia is calling the shots, or the Russians have material to blackmail him into doing what they want. Now that there is a Special Prosecutor, eventually we will find out the truth.  

In the meanwhile, probably little else will get accomplished. His core of supporters will stand by him unless they figure out that he won’t deliver on any of his promises to make their lives better. Those that were completely anti-Trump will become more so. The ones that were in the middle and hoped he would “change” and become presidential and get things done are still waiting for that to happen. It is only a matter of time until the Trump circus becomes so obvious that those that had hoped for change will give up that dream and admit there will be no change. Hopefully the system will keep Trump in check so that there is not permanent long term damage to our democracy.

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