Trump Gate

As those of you who have followed this blog for several years know, I have criticized Petraeus and Clinton for risking intelligence. For a President to give the Unites States’ major opponent in the world real intelligence that was shared with us from an ally is unconscionable, insane, and he will be personally responsible if the asset who got the original information is killed. In addition, how many of our allies who have saved us from terrorists by sharing information will continue to do so? And if they don’t give us information, and Americans die because our intelligence community is not warned, Donald J Trump is responsible and should be tried for murder. (I know he won’t but he should be.)

Within 48 hours of firing Comey and saying he was thinking at the time about the “fake” Russia connection to his campaign and the White House, he met with the Russian Foreign Minister, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S., in the Oval Office with only Russian television allowed in. Trump said publicly that he did so because Putin asked him to do so. He then reveals the intelligence from our ally even down to the city where an asset discovered ISIS’s plot to use laptops, Kindles, etc. to plant bombs. He reveals it not to an ally but to the country that is supporting our enemies all over the world. Surely he doesn’t believe the Russians are not going to pass this on to Syria and Iran and Hezbollah? Or is he incapable of understanding how our enemy works?

From reports, our NATO allies are freaking out. What do they do? If I were England, France, Germany, Australia, Israel, Canada or any other ally, I wouldn’t know how to proceed. Do you give the information that saves American lives to the U.S. but doing so might destroy your intelligence networks so that your citizens are threatened? Probably not. 

His earlier bumbling and mistakes pale in comparison. And that is saying a great deal when those include firing the FBI Director at the time he did (when the Russia investigation was growing), asking Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn, tweeting constantly false statements, and cozying up to autocrats who are destroying their countries’ democracies (asking the Turkish and Filipino presidents to come to the White House).  

Did he do this because he truly didn’t understand the risks? Or does he not care because his ego overrides all else and he has to brag about how important he is? Either is very frightening and leads to the question – when will he do something that is clearly impeachable?  

And when is our society going to realize that teaching American government and civics might help the public in the future to select better candidates and teach potential candidates how our system really works.

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