Meet Princess Georgia

img_3816As I write there is chaos abounding! In addition to rallies, misspeaking about massacres, courts issuing injunctions against White House travel suspensions, we have airlines saying if you have a visa, you can fly with no problem again. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that while you’re in the air, the White House won’t get a different court to stay the injunction. I feel sorry for those with green cards or visas who are trying to figure out whether they can safely enter the U.S. and for students with valid visas if they can come back to the States if they leave.

What did we do to get away from the chaos of the new political order? We adopted a cat. What better way to escape politics than to sit in front of the fire with a one-year-old Blue Point Siamese whose idea of fun is either chasing a tennis ball or cleaning a human’s face. It had been 12 years since I last had a Siamese (her name was YumYum after the Mikado and Lillian Jackson Braun’s murder mysteries starring two Siamese, Koko and YumYum) but I remembered how much fun she was so I went on a search to rescue one. Luckily for me, it only took two weeks. She is what is called a traditional or Applehead Siamese. Translated, she does not have the long, pointy faces that the more recent breeders have created but looks like the original Siamese that I first saw as a child in Thailand where they were originally bred.

Siamese are traditionally talkers and lovers of humans. The new one, Princess Georgia, is exactly that personality. Like my first Siamese, she tends to be extremely canine for a feline. She follows humans around from room to room. She only eats her food if you are seated nearby. She likes to sleep with her humans, and she prefers a black velvet couch to cuddle on unless there is a fire going and then she wants to be in front of it. She talks frequently. I am waiting to see if she starts going to the front door when the doorbell rings.

So if you are tired of the news or frustrated with the Amateur Hour antics that I keep hoping will change, go adopt a pet and turn off the television!


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  1. She is purrrfectly beautiful.

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