The first week of Trump’s presidency

I have a feeling it is going to be a long four years. Each week, it will be interesting knowing which of the many Trump theories or policies I should write about. 

This week it is Mexico (where I spent last weekend basking in the sun, drinking margaritas, and eating wonderful food) and a potential trade war, voter fraud, or torture. All are valid topics that could take pages and pages of commentary.

Instead, I will comment on the overall absurdity of his first week. What a waste of all of our time. He has seemingly no knowledge of how the U.S. government works nor the shared role of the legislature, judiciary, and executive branches. To think that he can build a wall, consider using torture, or sign numerous memoranda without even finding out if what he is proposing is legal or possible, is just being a blowhard and catering to his core base. 

And what mixed messages – he is interviewed on television and waxes on about his belief in the use of torture and then says he will follow his Secretary of Defense’s lead. General Mathis has made it very clear that he does not believe in torture and Trump earlier said he agreed with Mathis. So which is it? And why is he bringing it up again?

And why is he wasting our time on voter fraud? He won the election and no one is seriously saying he didn’t. Under Bush, a study was done on voter fraud and its results were that there is no widespread fraud. Why is he even thinking of wasting time on bringing this up again? Unless, of course, he actually is doing Putin’s bidding by trying to make Americans believe their democratic processes are flawed.

Ah, yes, it is going to be a long four years – but there is always a chance for improvement so I will keep hoping.

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  1. Juanita Duggan says:

    Friendly point. Misspelled SecDef name.

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