The Russian Dossier


The Buzzfeed report on Trump that has yet to be verified is interesting on several levels. It would have been an absolutely smashing novel as an update to “The Manchurian Candidate.” I wish I had written it two years ago.

What I find amusing though are the journalists who ask Russian officials if this dossier on Trump exists. They all surprisingly say, “No.” Of course they would. Also, journalists quote their Intel sources as saying they can’t imagine the Russians opening their files to a British spy. Said British spy had at least one famous agent working for him and that might mean he has other assets to whom he could turn. The only way we get information is not to directly ask a foreign entity! Anyone who has read John Le Carre knows that major fact.

Also, to set the record straight, almost anyone who crosses the Russian border has a dossier on them. It is why State warns Americans to be careful with whom they speak, what emails they send, not to take any equipment with proprietary information on it including your own email lists. This is how Russia runs – everyone is spied upon so don’t even walk against a red light.

This is not to say that what supposedly is in the dossier is anything at all shocking or problematic. It could merely have a list of all those with whom Trump shook hands whenever he was in Russia. But I can guarantee they have a dossier.

I would also recommend that our soon-to-be President learn that it is not always “good to be an asset” especially when referring to anything that has to do with the intelligence community. I’m certain he doesn’t know that “asset” in our world of spies and secrets means that you are working against your home country for another. For instance, if I had a recruited Russian government official sharing secrets with me, he would be my asset. When Trump brags that, “If Putin likes me, that’s an asset,” he might want to change his verbiage.

Needless to say, it would be interesting to see if the Russians’ real Trump dossier has anything in it that is at all scintillating. We’ll probably never know. I am guessing all they have on George W. or Barack is very uninteresting and nothing that we don’t already know. I do wonder, with his three marriages and the women in between, if there might be more in Trump’s. I doubt it would be material that could be used to blackmail him since Trump has already bragged about all sorts of things that would make most people turn beet red.

As amusing as the scenario is, I doubt it will amount to anything. I still might write an Alex Garfield book about the possibility of a Russian spy being President. Just imagine what Putin would ask a President who is his spy – Weaken NATO? Isolate the US? Break all trade treaties? Spend so much government money and take America into such debt that for the US economy to recover would take generations? Ah, what fun it will be to plot this one!

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