‘Tis the Season


The election is over and it is now the season to be jolly. I started bringing out the Christmas goodies. The tree is up and will be decorated this weekend. The nutcrackers are out – and there is no room for more so we have a moratorium on any new ones. The Christmas towels are in place and all the Spode Christmas china is in the cabinet. The Fitz and Floyd nutcracker tea set is on the counter. The dog has her green and red reindeer collar on her neck. By Monday the house will be ready for the celebration, and I will continue to ignore the political hysteria of either side.

As many of you know, I didn’t like either candidate but we have a President-Elect and I will reserve judgment until he is in office and we see more of his actions. Luckily, I don’t work in the government or politics anymore so I can, for a short time, ignore the hoopla. And if you want a good read every week that will continue to cover politics, read Rich Galen’s Mullings newsletter every week.

For Thanksgiving, we went to visit my new granddaughter and focused on friends and family. In the process, we spent time at The Boarshead Inn which has unfortunately gone a little seedy. It used to be much nicer. It needs a thorough cleaning and a regular vacuuming once it is cleaned. But it is beautifully decorated for Christmas and they have a wonderful tradition of carolers and a children’s Santa’s breakfast on Saturday that includes a carriage ride with Percheron horses, and a female driver who delivered the White House Christmas tree on a horse-drawn carriage.

Go enjoy the season!

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