The DNC was good, but let’s talk about Trump & Putin


Photo by Lorie Shaull (Flickr)

Wow. I thought I was going to watch a Democratic Convention but it felt as if it was Ronald Reagan’s convention. As many of you know, I frequently criticize Joe Scarborough but his comment that he was waiting last night for Lee Greenwood to come out singing “Proud to be an American” was absolutely correct.

This week — although the Democrats put on a great convention with many amazing speakers for their candidate including a retired four-star Marine General, a Medal of Honor winner, and a Muslim father of a U.S. Captain who died in Iraq — what caught my attention was Trump’s urging of Putin to hack into U.S. emails. WHAT??????

Donald_Trump_August,19_2014I thought Petraeus should be punished for his security breach. I criticized Hillary for hers. But neither of them went to the level of Donald Trump. My friends who have said they couldn’t vote for Hillary because of her private server and sending of classified emails over a non-secure site, now can’t vote for Trump either for he clearly doesn’t care about American national security at all.

Now those of us who follow the intelligence world are acutely aware that Russia and China have been hacking all types of emails for years. It’s one of the things that the FBI listed as a concern over Hillary’s lax treatment of her emails. But for someone who is running for President to encourage one of the most repressive leaders of this world to hack into our government systems is unforgivable.

And for Trump to say Putin is a better leader than Obama is also unforgivable. I am not a fan of Obama’s policies at all. I have written many times about how I think he has been wrong regarding his actions or lack thereof, but never would I pick Putin over Obama. No American who is proud of his or her country would do so. Putin is the man who is propping up a murderous leader in Syria, sides with Iran, backs Hezbollah, and, in my opinion, threatens every U.S. man and woman in uniform by his actions every day in the Middle East and Europe. Putin is trying to break up Europe and Trump says he wouldn’t necessarily come to the aide of a NATO ally if attacked by Russia. Again all I can say is: WHAT?????

If I were writing another spy novel now, no one would believe a plot that included a Republican presidential candidate promoting the Russian President and urging him to hack into government emails and that he wouldn’t come to the aide of an ally if invaded by another country. They would say it is too unbelievable. But we are now living with it and have to listen to a man who claimed on television on November 9, 2013, that he had a relationship with Putin, but now he claims he’s never met him or talked with him. I hate to repeat myself but WHAT?????

As I’ve said before, what a year this is.

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