What a week!


What a week!  While we have had beautiful weather in DC for several days in a row, the political world has finalized the two candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties. As suspected, we’ll have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two candidates. What a poor choice! Although Hillary deserves congratulations on being the first female Presidential candidate (good grief, why did it take so long?), the IG’s report did point out that she risked American lives and classified information through her use of a private server and there is no excuse for that in my book, BUT, there is NO excuse for Donald Trump being a racist either or claiming that a man whose parents were not born in the U.S. was prejudiced and not really an American. (Gee, Donald, your mother was born in Scotland so I guess you’re not really an American either.)

So the argument from many Republicans that I hear is that they can’t vote for a woman who defied the rules of her own organization and who was just as cavalier with classified documents as Petraeus, who got indicted and pleaded guilty to breaking the law. From Independents I know the racist views of Trump – and he must have them since he has proposed banning all Muslims from entering the US, as well as his comments over the judge – are eliminating any chance of their voting for Trump. So how does a person figure out for whom to vote?  Maybe the Republicans will somehow dump Trump at the Convention and come up with a better candidate. Yes, I have been accused of being a Pollyanna before now.

Both parties should be seriously reviewing how we ended up with the two worst candidates in our history. Perhaps some of the greater minds in both political parties can take the next four to eight years and revise how they elect their candidates and perhaps our leaders should step up to the plate earlier in the process in the future when candidates are so flawed. Saying it was the will of the people is not exactly accurate from either party – the system rigged the process. Trump did not get a majority of Republican votes since more than 50 percent of the voters cast their ballots for other candidates. And Clinton was protected and promoted by the official party long before the first primary in New Hampshire occurred. Shame on both parties!

I am desperately searching for a way to become a citizen of a sane country, but, unfortunately, all of my ancestors came here too long ago for me to qualify to claim any EU passport – but since I am part Cherokee, Trump might say I wasn’t an American either since our tribe existed before there was a nation called America. Perhaps the Cherokee should claim their stolen lands and start a new country.


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