Moving horses

IMG_20160515_075120This week we changed barns. The new barn is closer to our homes so we shaved minutes off our commute each way. But moving horses is not as easy as calling a moving company to come pack you up and deliver all your things to a new home. Moving horses requires so much more.

Not only do you realize as you are going through the myriad of items you have acquired that you have become a borderline pack rat, but you even wonder if this is the early sign of hoarding. After all, why do I need four jars of half used Horse Cream? Or Vaseline? Or why do I have an expired tub of hoof ointment? And what am I doing with stirrup straps that rotted years ago? And the need for three extra bits is probably a little extreme. The good news is that I got rid of a bunch of items and reminded myself to not do it again (check back in four years!)

Then of course there is the stuff that is important – the bridles, girths, saddles, blankets, leg protectors, halters, and lead ropes. Then the water buckets, the pitchforks, the shampoos and conditioners plus the various beauty items such as detangler for the mane and tail and the oil for the hoofs. (I do threaten to paint his shoes red like Louboutins but I have yet to carry through with the threat.) All this is loaded into the car or the trailer to haul to the new place.

Finally we get to the taking of the horses – loading them onto the trailers and whisking them off to their new home. Then begins the long part of the day – getting them happy and acclimated to their new abode. That requires walking around, letting them neigh at other horses, giving them a bath, feeding them in their new home and slowly introducing them to the environment. So the humans hang around, unpack all the critical items and try to squeeze them into a new area and try to make it neat so we make a good impression at the new place (we’ll see how long that lasts!).  Of course in the summer, margaritas are involved to calm the humans’ nerves.


Luckily for me my wonderful horse, Super Flashy, settles easily and his close humans – Meghan and her son Colin are still with him as trainer and as groom! Even though as a military brat I am used to moving, moving horses is a whole new level of transporting equipment and animals. A special thanks to our amazing trainer, Meghan Michaels, who not only trains our horses and us, but knows everything about anything to do with equines, their health, and happiness and puts up with her human clients because she loves and cares so much for her equine babies. We couldn’t do it without her!

There will be future tales from The Congressional Polo Club which is our new home so stay tuned.

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