Another week of Donald Trump …

maxresdefaultSo many things from this week …

First we start with his denying the 1991 tape which is clearly his voice pretending to be the publicist for himself and he admitted at the time that it was him pretending to be John Miller. And the reporter who made the tape didn’t release it and it wasn’t stolen from her and the only other copy was held by Trump. So the People reporter thinks Trump released it intentionally just to keep up any type of publicity.

Second a bright young man has started MapleMatch – a place for Americans to find a Canadian love interest so they can move to Canada if Trump becomes the President. I love it!

My favorite though is a long article about Marvin Roffman who stood up to Trump, told the truth, and won a very large settlement from Trump which in turn started Marvin’s new business and turned him into a multi-millionaire. It is fascinating.

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