A government should not be ‘unpredictable’

25475724870_9fe3aeb6ee_b“Unpredictable” is not something this country’s government should be. How Donald Trump can think his speech was successful and his jumble of policies would benefit the U.S. is a sign of how horrible he might be as Commander in Chief. There are quite a few experts that believe President Obama’s foreign policy has been “unpredictable.” Two examples that are frequently mentioned are: he stated there was a red line in the sand regarding Syria and then didn’t follow through, and the example of our lack of engagement regarding Putin’s rolling into Ukraine.

There are serious problems that the next President will inherit. China’s encroachment in Asia; Putin’s exertion of Russia’s power into all of the former Soviet Union’s territory; North Korea’s belligerence; Iran’s continuing nuclear program and its support of terrorists in the Middle East; and, of course, said terrorists who are trying to kill us all. These are not issues that can be solved with “negotiating” with Putin, nor with North Korea, nor with the civil and religious leaders in Iran, and definitely not with terrorists. The idea that the U.S. military or intelligence institutions would ever use worse tactics than water-boarding is absurd. The individuals who did it under Presidential approval during George W. Bush’s presidency are still paying large legal bills because they have been targeted to be tried for following their orders. It is highly doubtful that anyone would fall into that trap again.

I know some like Sen. Corker have tried to brush over Trump’s ignorance of foreign countries’ name pronunciation and have called his speech “a good step forward.” After Trump’s history of idiocy, that is not a ringing endorsement in my mind. And I am highly suspicious that comments such as that are being made because Republican leaders are starting to realize that Trump might be their candidate – not because they agree with his proposed foreign policies such as leaving NATO, letting Japan go nuclear, retreating even further from positive American involvement in the world than the current administration has done.

Trump’s foreign policy speech was all over the map – he wants us to be strong and defeat ISIS but he wants to withdraw immediately from the region. You can’t have both. Obama has found that out much to his probable dismay. He was the one who wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan earlier than the military wanted and we once again have a mess in that country and now are inching back in. Same with Syria – he wanted Bashar al-Assad gone but instead he got Putin and Iran pouring money and military support to him, and ISIS got stronger. Now he has had to send in more American Special Forces’ troops to counter.

As I’ve written before, I think Americans will have a horrific choice this November, but there is little likelihood of a different outcome. I know Democrats and Republicans that are equally depressed over their parties’ probable nominees. I am an optimist, however, and just as America has survived past bad presidencies and candidates, we will survive this round.

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