Paris – the perfect city to wine and dine and walk

Paris – the perfect city to wine and dine and walk for miles without realizing how far one has walked. To start our visit, we selected one of the five three-star restaurants in Paris. These are the best of the best of the Michelin rated restaurants.


Window overlooking the garden at Epicure.

Epicure, located in the five-star Bristol Hotel on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore — a dining experience of the very best. The restaurant has only 15 tables and we counted 15 staffing the room. Two maitre d’s who acted as supreme commanders, four waiters, three wine stewards (two of whom were women), and 6 busboys (3 of whom were women).

From the second one arrives one is treated like a king or queen. As soon as I mentioned our name for the reservation they welcomed us as if we were friends. We were the third table seated in the room and were placed at a beautiful table with a great view of the exquisite garden.  (By 9pm the restaurant was full.) We were given a tiny plate of three delicious bites while we had our aperitif. The plate began with a concoction of white truffle pate with a sorrel topping that was so good we had to restrain ourselves from licking the tiny cup (this happened frequently throughout the meal.) Then there was the single snail captured in a paper thin crust, follow by a bite sized puff pastry harboring morels and Asian spices.  Once we had finished our cocktails, we moved to an amuse bouche that was some type of cold creamy concoction set in a strawberry gelee that was also delicious . To follow we had artichokes that were the best I have ever had. The combination was lightly crisped slivers of hearts with full hearts and a few leaves with a soft sauce that melted in your mouth. As another starter we had their signature dish – stuffed macaroni with artichokes, black truffle, duck foie gras and Parmesan and is probably the most elegant and exquisite pasta one will ever have.

Then we were on to the entrées. We had lobster and a filet of sole.  Both were divine and mouth watering but the presentation of the lobster with it’s sauce made from the shells took the award by a tiny margin. The mixture of spices and fresh vegetables with each dish was incredible for the taste buds. Nothing too strong but a blending in the palate that made one wonder about how many hours Chef Eric Frechon took to concoct these creations.


Sweet pops at Epicure.

Although we wished we could try dessert, there was no room left. So instead the amazingly attentive staff brought tiny bites. One of which were two spoons with luscious looking balls topped with gold flakes. Our waiter warned us to not bite into them but to take them in our mouths all at once. When they were in the mouth to bite down.  They were pure balls of heaven. I have no idea what was in them but it’s worth a trip to Paris to taste!

Next week, more from Paris!

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