Escaping the cold and the miserable political world and news



To think that the choice we will have for President is Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump is frightening and disappointing to say the least. On one hand, we have a con artist who seems to be a bigot and to have totally unrealistic ideas and an overinflated vision of himself. On the other, we have the first woman who could become President but with so much baggage that many are going to find it very difficult to pull the lever for her. On that happy note, I once again left town!

Back to the south where my horse continued his winning streak and added four more blue ribbons from his four classes. It also gave me the chance to go back to Oli’s in Wellington and try their lobster roll – another big hit as were the chicken tacos.


I spent more time in Jupiter itself this time.  I discovered a wonderful hotel, Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa which has a lovely beach to loll upon and a nice restaurant called Sinclairs Ocean Grill.  If you sit outside you have the constant sound of waves breaking on the beach with the gentle breeze from the ocean. They also have a delightful spa with great massages.



View from Jupiter Resort


In addition, I found two wonderful French restaurants in Jupiter itself.  One, Cafe des Artistes, sits on a dock with beautiful boats at your finger tip and the outdoor space is lovely with palm trees swaying above you. The owners are French – and true to their heritage – they close the restaurant in the summer to go back to France for a vacation. The endive salad, the Moules Meunière, and the Duck a l’Orange were sublime as was the layered chocolate cake for dessert.  The staff was delightful and they had wonderful French wines (no hard liquor though).

The next night we tried a brand new restaurant in town called The Parisian.  Another Frenchman from Paris has opened a modern looking brasserie with white and black tile floors, wooden accents and booths as well as artwork of famous French. The food here was also divine – foie gras with a wonderful homemade preserve on the side, a frisée salad properly done with a poached egg and lardons as well as croutons.  The main courses were equally excellent – a salmon with beautiful vegetables and Garam Masala spices. My duck confit with Pommes purée were perfectly done and the asparagus were cooked just right. Dessert was profiteroles that melted in your mouth.

FullSizeRender (3)

So although you can’t completely escape the horrific situation of our presidential campaign, you can go to South Florida and go to Winter Equestrian Festival and see the best of the best compete with their amazing and beautiful creatures and eat well in both Wellington and Jupiter!

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