Guess what? We’re in a blizzard

   We are now officially in the Blizzard of 2016 or the 1-2-3 Blizzard as Chuck Bell on NBC pointed out since it is the 23rd day of the first month.

To celebrate, I started the day the way my grandmother used to do. She was a native South Carolinian and loved her big southern breakfasts so I did a version – grits, eggs, and bacon with a cup of hot tea (with milk of course). That reminds me of an interesting fact about DC in a storm – the grocery stores were empty of tea. (And no I wasn’t responsible since I ask all my friends to bring me Fortnum and Mason tea from London.) Some other items that were sold out were milk, leeks and onions. I’ve decided then that the Scots have invaded and they were all making cockaleeky soup and drinking tea!   

  DC is a little weird in snowstorms. I am convinced it is because we have had so many false alarms regarding weather. As the snow started to fall yesterday, the stores were still full, the liquor stores were still selling, and two of my favorite restaurants were feeding the world lunch. (Black Salt and Seventh Hill finally had to close around 4 since their staff had to get home.) If they were open today, I can guarantee they would be full of residents within walking distance. According to the news, there were still people driving on the snow covered roads in DC until after 1 a.m. this morning causing accidents all over the area. And today pedestrians with cabin fever are walking down the middle of the road to the consternation of the snow plows. (Yes, they are out and plowing.) 

As of this writing, I have 20 inches of snow and they are predicting more until 11 p.m. tonight so I can easily end up with over 2 feet. As some know, I have a dog so I wanted to make certain she could get out this morning. Therefore, at 11 last night, I cleared the back door path, but by this morning at 6:30 it was over 16 inches with the drift factor. I got my core exercise shoveling snow away from the door (after crawling through a casement window so I could get to the door).

To keep myself busy in the house, I am also reverting to one of my grandmother’s other habits – cooking. Today will be split pea and ham soup and turkey chili (using my son-in-law’s tasty recipe).  
For those of you in warm climates, stop laughing that we are surviving the DC snow and keep praying that we will keep our electricity even though the lines are primarily above ground (the city claims it would cost too much to bury them but then they have to pay for extra crews and overtime at least once a year when a tree collapses and takes down the power). Enjoy the sun for us but don’t send us any pictures!

(If you want to see a great cartoon, go to the Tillman Gilson Facebook page and get a good laugh from Sandra Boynton’s cartoon.)

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