Predictions for 2016

January brings predictions from everyone as to what will happen this year. So I will add some of my own.

  • We will elect a new President. Who it will be is still a question but if one believes the current polls, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. As one friend said on Facebook, “I thought to myself, ‘That’s like trying to decide whether you want Herpes or late-stage syphilis.’”
  • We, unfortunately, will see more terrorism and, if we follow our current path, probably will continue not to resolve the problem at all.
  • The schism between the Sunni and the Shia countries also won’t be resolved anytime soon.
  • Iran will continue to sponsor terrorism and dictators around the world. Most likely it will not return the Americans that are being held in prisons there either.
  • North Korea is not going to suddenly become a rational state and join the civilized world.
  • Neither will Putin shed his ego nor his goals for bringing back the stature of Mother Russia. He will continue to act against American interests whenever it suits him.


  • The roads in D.C., Maryland and Virginia will remain horrific and full of potholes.
  • The odds are definitely against the Redskins winning the Superbowl. Considering how they started the season, it is astonishing that they are in the playoffs.

On a brighter note, D.C. hasn’t had any snow this year and my horse loves his trainers and his barn. The Powerball Lottery is over $800 million and maybe someone will win. This weekend! Happy New Year!


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1 Response to Predictions for 2016

  1. Mary Grace Richardson says:

    Thank you for the Saturday morning laugh! Between the comment regarding the two front runners and the photograph of Putin I’m not sure which made me laugh more. But, I did laugh. Out loud.

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