Enough of Donald Trump

donald.pngEnough of Donald Trump and his idea to block all Muslims coming into the United States. It will never pass legal scrutiny nor become law. It is also an idea that can harm Americans and our country. Handing lunatics a lunatic idea is not a leader that any of us should support. Yes, people are scared but fear should not make people abandon sanity. As Frank Herbert wrote in Dune, “Fear is the mind killer.”

What we as Americans should be doing is trying to figure out why people are turning to the cause of the radical interpretation of the Koran. Why did the brothers in Boston bomb us? Why did an American citizen become so extreme that he married another radical and plotted and then carried out mass murder? (And, by the way, blocking visas to the U.S. would not have stopped either of these atrocities since people already living here carried out these events.)

Our politicians are playing at the edges of the issue. Proposals for tightening the Visa Waiver program, limiting refugees for three years, carpet bombing the entire region, doing nothing and letting the Russians and Iranians continue to dominate the region, sending in 50 to 100 special forces to fight ISIS (I prefer to use DAISH, by the way, but I will use them interchangeably since there is no consensus on what is the best name for the murderers and thugs) are not at all complete strategies. Nor are these plans to eradicate DAISH or any other radical Islamic variation that might come next. (Don’t forget we had Al Qaeda as the major threat before ISIS.)

What this country needs is a leader who has a rational, implementable, and rapid plan as to how to attack DAISH and any other radical group that attacks our very existence. This plan has to include not just a military option but also a diplomatic program that includes the Muslim leaders – both national leaders but also the religious leaders who believe that modern Islam should not be trying to take the world back to the Sixth Century and do so by slaughtering innocent people. Schemes such as Trump’s just threaten us more by angering and insulting one of the world’s three major religions. Netanyahu can never be called an apologist for any Muslim radical group but he spoke out against Trump’s hair-brained idea because he knows that the concept is more inflammatory to those who want to attack America and the West than a solution to our problem. (Isn’t it amusing that Trump has canceled his trip to Israel?)

I continue to hope that Americans will support rational thinking and logic will prevail and eventually the Trump phenomenon will disappear into the maze of history.

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