Can we get LESS personality from the GOP front runners?

downloadSo Donald Trump hit the nighttime airways last weekend on Saturday Night Live. Although interruptions were threatened on air, they didn’t happen by the people who wanted them to happen – the Latino demonstrators. Instead, it was done as part of a skit he engineered with Larry David.

I didn’t find the show that amusing. What I do find frustrating is the lack of specificity that we hear from the two leading candidates – Trump and Carson. Trump was asked this week to explain how he would defeat ISIS. His response: “Bomb them.”

What does he think we’ve been doing? Dropping Halloween candy? We have been bombing them and that alone has not succeeded. That’s just one example of his offhand and blithe attitude.

carsonCarson is facing all sorts of criticisms for his “inaccurate” memory. I, personally, find it interesting that the issue is that he is trying to prove he actually committed assaults that most of us would be mortified to have done. Most people would be considered a bit risky to have in a senior government post. And after all this time running for President, he still has no grasp of the reality on the ground in Syria is more than a little frightening to me. I know the reason that candidates like to do television shows such as SNL or The View. It gets them exposed to a wider audience and makes them human. The problem is that all either of these two are doing is excelling at being a personality. They should be focusing on being a thoughtful candidate who tells us how he is going to lead the greatest nation in specific terms with realistic, thoroughly thought through plans. I might disagree with a candidate’s plan but if I know he or she has one, I am a lot more comfortable. Right now the leading Republican candidates’ plans are either completely unrealistic or just bizarre.

I keep hoping that reality will step in. We have less than 90 days for that to happen in the early primaries and caucuses. My fingers are crossed, as are my toes!

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