So, we’ve lived through another Republican Debate …

Carly_Fiorina_(16669880051)We’ve now had two Republican debates and the only definitive result according to all the pundits and everyone with whom I have spoken is that Carly Fiorina won the second debate hands down.

Different people have various views on the rest of the players except that Scott Walker had the least amount of air time. What I found fascinating was the coverage after the debate. The Morning Joe team thought that CNN blew the debate by having too many questions revolve around the Trump quips and quotes. CNN, of course, claimed it was a perfect event – although, for those of us watching, three hours is TOO long.

Whether one likes Hillary’s or Carly’s politics, it is very nice for the majority of Americans to have two women who are smart and talented in their own ways running for President. It has always been fascinating to many that the U.S. has been so far behind countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, and India in having a woman in charge. I don’t know if we will this election, but at least women are seriously in the mix. Carly Fiorina did so well in the debate that many are predicting she will rise very rapidly in the polls, but that doesn’t mean she’ll make it to the final goal of being the Republican nominee. Although a final round of two women squaring off to the American public would be amazing to watch. Just think of how the pollsters will analyze the male and female voting if there is only one sex running! (Yes, I do enjoy it when the pollsters get stymied or are absolutely wrong.)

Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_3_(cropped)I am one of those that think Trump did himself no favors at this debate. Unlike the others who tried to get specifics into their short answers, he remained Mr. Vague and his response to Carly Fiorina’s brilliant comment regarding his Rolling Stone quote was condescending to every woman listening. Of course, I’m not certain how many women support Trump anyway so perhaps it will make no difference to his numbers. I do believe now that Trump truly thinks that being loud means he is being better and smarter. I am surprised that no one in his circle has abused him of this behavior. I did enjoy the constant camera time that CNN gave him so that we could all get our fill of his lower pouting lip. He might think it makes him appear thoughtful as he stares through his comb over, but it reminds me of small toddlers having a temper tantrum.

As I have said before, and will probably say again, this is going to be a long 14 months until election day 2016. I wish we would adopt a small part of a parliamentary system in that we limit the length of the campaign. I am not the only one who is already tired of the verbage from the candidates – although I do admit it makes for great late night television.

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