TRUMP and GREECE – both make money through bankruptcies!

5440002785_f802ecea99_oWe all know that Donald Trump has a slight problem with accuracy. For instance, he didn’t exactly start out as poor. He inherited between $40 million and $200 million from his father to build his business. He also has mastered the art of how to run away from his debts by a series of bankruptcies – just like Greece.

Do we reward either Trump or Greece for their profligate spending? Greece clearly cannot repay its debt and survive but the country can certainly tighten its belt and begin to implement it’s own existing tax laws and start collecting more than the 2% of taxes owed by the wealthy Greeks which is all they currently collect. They can tell people that retiring with full benefits at 55 is unrealistic as one easy step. Clearly, they won’t be able to repay the whole debt quickly but they can come up with a plan for long-term corrections to their system and for repayment.

And as for Trump… why do the media fall for all of his lines? Fox News seems to worship the ground upon which he walks. The coverage of his saying he will defeat ISIS, will seal the border, will grow the economy all by his sheer personal power using his success in the private world is rarely questioned. The press either laughs or ignores. Some should start seriously talking about his business practices. For instance, the Washington Post pointed out that for all his verbiage about illegal immigrants, he has them working for his company building the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. When asked about this in an interview he says he can’t guarantee that he doesn’t use illegals. If he can’t control his own businesses, how is he going to stop illegal immigration for the whole country?

Another question for Trump: if he is so good at making investments and money, why have his corporations file for bankruptcy four times? Once perhaps is understandable, but four times? Sounds like he either didn’t learn from his mistakes or that he found a loophole in the law that forgave his company’s debts and let him continue to make money without paying his debts. Greece is hoping for just such an outcome for its country’s debts.

Maybe instead of running for U.S. President, Trump should go to Greece and teach them how he makes his profits and practice “good business practices” in a country that is so desperate that they’d fall for this egotistical blowhard. At least we’d get him off our television sets. It is embarrassing to try to explain to my international friends as to why the U.S. has Trump running for the presidency. Perhaps his family and business partners don’t want him declaring any more bankruptcies so getting him to run for president keeps him away from his businesses.

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