Iran Nuclear Talks

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It has been an eventful week for the White House. The Trade Bill passed the Senate finally and the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. That was the good news. The bad news is that another terror attack has hit an American company in France. And it seems highly doubtful that any form of a good result is coming from the Iran talks.

Terrorism, in other words, is not going away and it will continue to slip into this country. The Tsarnaev brothers won’t be the last. We seem to be stuck as to how to proceed in the Middle East regarding ISIS, Iraq and Syria. All of these cauldrons are being directly enflamed by Iran which is still the largest state that sponsors terrorism. Iran is fomenting trouble throughout the region in Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria.

Iran is the most dangerous country to yet have nuclear weapons which is what concerns the world and especially Europe, Israel and the U.S. This is why this administration started the talks to limit Iran’s nuclear weapon potential. Yet every “line” that was drawn as not to be crossed is now not being required according to the Supreme Leader of Iran. Supposedly, Iran has to stop researching a bomb; Iran has to close certain sites; Iran has to agree to inspections by an international organization. Iran has now said “No” to all. Secretary Kerry is claiming this s just “domestic talk” but how are we to know that? And how are we to determine what is really happening if no one can investigate within the country? Iran is not exactly a country that has played by international rules in the recent past.

Although it will be difficult, perhaps now is the time to get France (who definitely wants a stronger agreement than we seem to want) to put pressure on the others in the P5 plus 1 (US, UK, China, Russia, France, and Germany) to take a break. The Iranians are not bargaining, they are not budging and insist that before they even do anything slightly restrained in their nuclear program that all sanctions must first be lifted. It is time for the other side to walk away for some time. We are not accomplishing our goal to stop the nuclear machine in Iran and all we are doing now is looking as if we are being totally rolled by Iran and its Supreme Leader.

Sometimes one wins by walking away and coming back later with a stronger hand.

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