Working together for the greater good

The Chinese are creating islands in the South China Sea in water that is considered by the international community to be international waters. The islands are clearly being set up as military bases with runways that can accommodate all of China’s large military planes. In Syria, we fight the Iranian-backed government in a mild way. In Iraq, we allow the Shia militia that are backed by Iran to fight ISIS.

America is barely playing a role anywhere in the world and when the U.S. hosts a meeting of the Gulf nations to try to talk about a joint strategy, several of the leaders cancel their participation and send lower-level delegations. It is not a positive world from our point of view at this moment. American leadership doesn’t seem to be there. Unfortunately for us, that lack of leadership may result in more unpleasant events for Americans here at home.

Because of this, Mike Rogers, who was Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee until this January, has started a new foundation called Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security (APPS) with the following mission statement:

“Educate citizens about the strong national security and foreign policies necessary to provide for American peace, prosperity and security in this century.”

And their plan is to do two things to shape the 2016 presidential race:

“To raise the level of debate on the most important issues facing the country and to move the candidates beyond just rhetoric and talking points; and to enhance the knowledge base of citizens in the early states to help elect a president who supports American engagement and a strong foreign policy.”

Already APPS has held a forum in New Hampshire and has teams in South Carolina and Iowa setting up forums there for the Republican candidates. They hope to do the same with Democrats as well (however many there may or may not be). These public forums are meant to bring a sharp focus on the international and security issues that will be faced by the next President and to have the candidates give in detail how they would deal with all of these issues that threaten the U.S. each minute.

At the first fundraising dinner in Washington, Mike Rogers’ Democratic counterpart from when they both led the Intelligence Committee, Dutch Ruppersberger, commented about how important the work of the Foundation will be and how they worked as a team together – Republican and Democrat – and that this is what must be done to protect America. It was inspiring to find two people from opposite sides of the aisle who consider each other a very close friend and who set an example of how the two parties can and should work for the greater good of the U.S.

I look forward to the future forums and to learning what each of the candidates views are on how to protect America’s interests worldwide and to exact precise thoughts and plans rather than the vague platitudes that I have heard so far.

If you would like to contact APPS, the website is:


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