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A great recipe for watching NCAA Final Four

Many have asked for my turkey chili recipe which is based on my son-in-law’s wonderful recipe so since this week’s news is so depressing, let’s focus on a great meal! You may add diced jalapeno or serrano peppers to heat … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

Since it’s snowing in D.C., I’ll be dreaming of spring.

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The Senate’s Embarrassing Iran Letter

I keep wondering – as do many Americans – when the two parties will learn to stop blowing up both sides of every issue. It is embarrassing. Right now, we are all suffering from the pundits on television and the … Continue reading

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Is extreme hubris a good quality in a leader? Let’s talk about David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton

This week was a tough week for people with email accounts and powerful positions. Between David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton, perhaps our lesson is to go back to face-to-face conversations and never use anything electronic. Of course, that will probably … Continue reading

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