Christmas and Gravy: Have a Great Holiday!

While I realize this post comes the day after Christmas, for those possibly celebrating the holiday this weekend, enjoy my mother’s gravy recipe!

Have a good one!

photo2For any of you who have ever been in my house at this time of year, you know that I go over the top for Christmas. I have two sets of Christmas chine, and two sets of Christmas stemware. I have more Anna Lee Christmas dolls, and they multiply in storage each year. I used to collect nutcrackers until my daughter put her foot down in case she ever inherited them or had to deal with getting rid of them. I even have a collection of tacky Christmas sweaters. My nickname is “Goose,” which I am certain comes from “Christmas Goose” and not from any thought that I honk. It takes two weeks to completely decorate the house and the trees. You get the picture. 

photo1Christmas dinner is not just a meal, it is a meal surrounded by the holiday. We stick to a very similar meal at Thanksgiving — turkey, stuffing, twice-baked potatoes, gravy — we simply vary the fruit theme. If it was apricot at Thanksgiving, it will be apple at Christmas. If at all possible, we find a Busch Noel to add to the dessert table.

I hope all of you have a wonderful season and enjoy whatever time you get to relax and see friends and family! I will give you one of my mother’s secrets for making great gravy as my Christmas gift to you.

Marie’s Gravy 

Make the day before to reduce a tiny part of the chaos of the actual meal prep.

Make a classic roux with butter and flour — equal parts butter and all purpose flour — and blend the flour into the melted butter until it is smooth. For 10 people, I do a cup of each.

Gradually add 8 cans of bouillon (not beef broth – it has to be bouillon). Then add to taste either sherry (a slightly nutty flavor) or bourbon, cognac or apple brandy (which I use if I use apples in the stuffing).

Let it bubble gently for about 30 minutes and then turn off, cover and let cool. Refrigerate it until the morning of Christmas dinner. Then get it room temp and it will be much more solid than you think it should be but it’s the way it should be, add two more cans of bouillon, and gently simmer until all is blended, and when your turkey is done, take about a cup of drippings and add to the gravy. Stir well and serve immediately.


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