Should the U.S. Secret Service be overhauled?

white house jumper

What a week – now we get to add the Secret Service to our list of non-functioning pieces of the U.S. government. I have friends who are in the Secret Service. They are dedicated, patriotic individuals who are underpaid and overworked. Several of them have been complaining about the upper levels of management for quite some time. Too much “political correctness” has promoted staff who are not the most qualified candidates and that has weakened the fabric of the Service and ruined morale. Now we learn just how badly it has been run in recent years.

Unfortunately, it is not like the scandal of the IRS. The Secret Service can’t take the time off and do another “review” – they still have to protect our President and his family every day. It is great that Julia Pierson resigned. It’s not enough though. Serious changes have to be made starting at the top to bring this service back to its standards of excellence that guided it for so long. Hopefully, Joseph Clancy can start the process very rapidly. Although he comes from the old school, it might be wise for the Service to look for fresh blood for the permanent new director.

The incident of the man who made it all the way to the East Room inside the White House has brought up another part of the government that has been run so disastrously during the past years. Why did someone with PTSD ever get into the White House? Why isn’t there more treatment of PTSD and why hasn’t the Veteran’s Administration not been overhauled to treat the men and women who fight for our country and suffer from this terrible condition?

Briefly the VA was on the front page of the news due to its terrible management and horrific treatment of so many of our veterans. But all of the newer scandals have put it out of many minds. It needs to be brought back to the forefront.

This White House has many challenges. Focusing on helping our vets should be very high on the list – not just because it is the right thing to do but it can help reduce the number of suicides and crazy events such as plotting and succeeding in breaking into the White House.

I can guarantee that terrorists are also looking at how easy it was to get close to the President – an armed felon in the elevator taking selfies with the President. Why go to all the trouble to crash planes into buildings when someone can have a gun standing next to the President?

I hope that we see some rapid management changes that inspire at least a little confidence in our government. Right now, most Americans have very little.

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