The CIA Tweets Now

CIA_sealThe Agency that when I was young had a sign out in front identifying the driveway as a weather station now not only has Central Intelligence Agency on large green and white signs at both the front and back entrances, it tweets. How absurd is that? Of course, I follow their Twitter feed because I think it is so funny.

Some of the tweets to the Agency are particularly amusing to me. One person asked in a tweet if they were hiring. Really? You are going to apply online for a job at the CIA when we know how easy it is for people to hack into anyone’s computer. I certainly hope whoever asked that question was interested in a totally overt job – legal counsel, gate guard, analyst and not anything on the covert side of the house.

Another person asked if the Agency could send his or her password that was forgotten. And the CIA actually posted “No”. A third hilarious tweet asked if the Agency could find Tupac. The response was they didn’t know where Tupac was. Since Tupac is dead, does that mean the Agency was commenting on whether he was in Heaven or Hell? Or did the person who answered the query not know that Tupac is dead? Hmmmm … Clearly everyone is having fun with tweets to and fro. I am fairly illiterate with Twitter but even I would learn how to do it if I could have that job! Imagine what fun one could have! And also what damage one could do.

For instance, under the CIA logo, one could start a war potentially just by tweeting something completely wrong such as the Israelis just bombed Cairo and Beirut simultaneously. By the time the correct information was released the damage would be done since most of the Arab world is on Twitter.

I am hoping that whoever is in charge of the C.I.A.’s tweets was vetted much more carefully than whomever did Snowden’s background check and hired him at the NSA!

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