An escape to Paris

What to do when D.C. is freezing cold in March? Escape to Paris to watch one of the world’s most glorious horse shows. Thanks to the kindness of Hermès and their history as being a great saddle maker, they hold a show with the top jumpers in the world for us to watch in amazement. Six-foot jumps that immaculately cleaned and “dressed” horses seem to sail over. The tack is elegant and the riders perfectly attired and coiffed.

Do you see pollution in Paris?

Do you see pollution in Paris?

As many know, Paris is one of my very favorite places. The food, the wine, the people, the beauty of the language all converge to make Paris a divine place – especially when it is 60 degrees here when it’s 21 in D.C. Although BBC claims the pollution is terrible, for those of us who don’t live here, we can see the Tour Eiffel and the Arc de Triomphe so we are happy. The red bud trees and the forsythia are blooming and there is no hint of piles of dirty snow or winter coats.

The food and wine are perfect even at the cafe level. It is probably written in some law that there can be no bad omelette in the city. Table wine is served at the right temperatures. And in comparison to D.C., the cheap wine is still excellent.

20140315_170800So if you need a respite for any reason, go to Paris where most speak better English that we do and they love American tourists (this occurred when other varieties of tourists invaded France making Americans look almost civilized). You will be guaranteed great food and wine, and drop by Hermès and admire all of their goodies but especially their saddles and horse accouterments that are made with such loving care (at the horse show they have a small stand with the saddlers working so you can truly appreciate their work.)

In the meantime stay warm on the East Coast!

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