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Rogers won’t seek reelection

This week, my good friend Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan, the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), announced he was not seeking another term in the House of Representatives. He is moving onto a new phase … Continue reading

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Thrill writers of the world unite!

Writers are always looking for real world ideas for their stories. Even James Bond has to have a smidgeon of truth to make the audience believe – or at least suspend belief for a short time – that the fantastic … Continue reading

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An escape to Paris

What to do when D.C. is freezing cold in March? Escape to Paris to watch one of the world’s most glorious horse shows. Thanks to the kindness of Hermès and their history as being a great saddle maker, they hold a … Continue reading

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Putin’s Chess Game

Some people were surprised at Vladimir Putin’s move into Ukraine, and I am greatly amused that they were shocked! Let’s be honest – since the day that the Soviet Union disappeared, Putin has not been a very happy person. He … Continue reading

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