Restaurant Review: Mix Bar and Grill

To get away from the politics of the disaster of the health care roll out, several of us tried a new restaurant in Potomac called Mix Bar and Grill. As many of you know, I have found several restaurants in that area — Old Angler’s and Hunters to name two that I frequent — and now there is Mix.

Crab cake special at Mix.

Crab cake special at Mix.

Mix is a very light and open restaurant that appeals to a sophisticated and younger crowd. It is basically styled in white — white tables, white bar, white walls nixed with wood and two blue glass chandeliers. The only art is two giant photos of horses, something near and dear to my heart.

The “Bar Girls,” a group of women who frequently lunch, have a new standard for things we like. We use two pinkies and two thumbs up. Mix earned a unanimous rating. The food is very fresh. They even cut their own French Fries (and they are the very small ones such as you get in France) and make their own bread. The menu is an interesting mix of fish, poultry, steak and salads, plus superb flat breads. (Try the chicken and pesto.) In addition, they have excellent specials such as a steak frisée salad that has a perfectly poached egg on top.

Grilled calamari at Mix.

Grilled calamari at Mix.

In addition to great, very fresh food, they have a long bar and five TVs, so if you want to watch anything, you can. (We tend to ignore the sports and talk about much more amusing topics.) Obviously, it is a packed house for football games. The staff is very young and friendly, and they are well-trained. They know your name and drinks within two visits.

One of the best perks is that the prices are amazingly reasonable for the quality of the food. The only negative comment that I have heard came from someone who likes wood paneled bars and he, therefore, wasn’t thrilled with the modern very open space. He did admit, however, that the prices were great and the food wonderful.


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