Happy New Year!

2013 new year sparklerWhen we roll into 2013, I will try to regale all of you with various topics – both fun and serious – but for this week, just relax, raise a glass at midnight, and enjoy yourselves!  Figure out all the great things that happened to you in 2012 and look forward to what wonderful experiences you might have in the next year.

New-Years-PackageI don’t make New Year’s resolutions since I learned a long time ago that I never really accomplished them, and I was setting myself up for failure.  Instead I decide what I hope to see happen the following year so here’s what I look forward to in 2013:

  • the second book in the Alex Garfield series coming out;
  • my first book trailer going viral on YouTube (thanks to all of you);
  • travelling to some of my favorite places such as Paris and Istanbul; and
  • enjoying food, friends, and Glenmorangie!

Since the world is such a volatile place, I know I will also get plenty of ideas for my future trashy spy novels and there will be no shortage of events that will fuel some of the tirades I might launch on occasional Fridays.

Have a great end of 2012 and I’ll talk to you next year!

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