At Christmastime: Go hard, or go home

Everyone says I go a little bit over the top at Christmastime.  One of my nicknames is even Christmas Goose.  I think it is the one time of year when one can be as tacky as can be and still get away with it.  That might not be true, but it is my theory and I am sticking to it.

nutcrackerSo thirteen nutcrackers adorn my mantle.  Three-foot tall nutcrackers are spread throughout the house.  I have two decorated trees and one whimsical non-decorated tree.  I have china and stem ware for Christmas. I have a collection of Anna Lee dolls that are taking over the house and the attic. They breed in the attic during the summer.  A friend and I are still working on consuming the Twelve Days of Christmas martinis in one day – we haven’t quite made it yet but there is still hope.  (Ian Fleming would be proud.)  Each room in my house has something Christmas themed – towels, stuffed animals, trees, glasses, paintings, books, and even toilet paper with Christmas caroling TP rollers.  My horse has antlers and a Christmas saddle pad.  My dog and cats have their own stockings hung by the chimney with care and wear Christmas collars.

horse2Why do you ask?  Because it’s fun and I can.  The combination of the pagan celebration with the Christian holiday makes for a wonderful mix.  Lights, trees, wreaths, crosses, goodwill, and forgiveness make it a perfect season.  Although my Aussie friends will disagree, I also need cold – preferably snow – to really take me over the top.  I always wake up on Christmas morning and open the blinds hoping for Bing Crosby’s Winter Wonderland.  Living in D.C., it is an iffy hope – but I am an optimist.

And I can be optimistic at this time of year about everything and everyone, and people only slightly roll their eyes.  I can hope for peace, goodwill and prosperity for all.  I can think that the political system will find compromise.  I can wish for three oil wells in my back yard.  Anything goes.  Listen to all the songs.

china2But most importantly, at this time of year I am reminded to be incredibly grateful for my family, friends, animals and health.  I would love to know how we could all maintain this spirit throughout the year instead of becoming cynical – and I definitely hit the cynical button on a daily basis during the rest of the year.  Perhaps living in D.C. adds to the cynicism; or it could be because the world of intelligence and terror does not naturally make one light-hearted and idealistic.

At least though for one season, I can sing Christmas songs, decorate every corner of my house, and my poor animals.  I can make all my friends suffer through two varieties of Christmas china and drink their cocktails and wine in red glass.  And I can wish all of you a merry, merry Christmas and a joyous New Year full of all your wishes! (And then on December 26, I can go back to my normal cynicism and criticism!)

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2 Responses to At Christmastime: Go hard, or go home

  1. Beverly McKittrick says:

    I love this!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Tillman Gilson IS Christmas

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