Escape from D.C.: A trip to Michigan

To keep from further political saturation this week, I won’t bore you with my take on the presidential debate. Instead, I will entertain you with my escape from D.C. Sometimes, we all need a break!

I took a fun and enlightening road trip to Michigan with a good friend of mine.  The drive itself was very amusing.  Every interstate was occupied with drivers Alex Garfield would love – they believed the speed limit was just a suggestion.  We flew the whole way in out BMW M3, except during a downpour in Pennsylvania.  One doesn’t get great gas mileage in a V8 sports car, but it does provide an excuse to stop and see everyday America on the road when filling up the gas tank.  Everyday America eats at McDonald’s and wears inappropriate clothes for their body types.  Short shorts do not belong on the over 50 gang!

The Michigan countryside is quite beautiful and we loved the fact that 70 was the average posted speed limit.  Ann Arbor has a lovely downtown area with great restaurants including an amazing serving of nachos at The Prickly Pear Café on Main Street.  The people in Ann Arbor fascinated me.  The new riding fashion with the tight pants and tall boots had obviously arrived and most of the individuals there were much healthier and slimmer than the crowds one sees on the streets of D.C.  It was refreshing.

Then it was on to Lansing and Michigan State University for a football game against Ohio State.  This is where we saw people who SHOULD wear short shorts — beautiful co-eds who were perfectly dressed for their age and looks.  Unfortunately for Michigan State, Ohio State won in a squeaker.  It was, however, a very fun game and the hospitality was amazing.

We also spent time in Hartland, a small town with one restaurant called Black Rock Bar and Grill, We loved the bartender, Janine.  You cook your own meat there on a hot rock served to you.  It’s an idea that’s been around for a while but I had never experienced it.  Rather amusing!

One night we went to a Barn Bash — a large party in a barn with a big bonfire outside.  What a hoot! I, at least, could answer the question of what the barn was used for since there were dressage letters on the walls.  Horse shows was the correct response.  I wondered if the famous Lipizzaners had ever been to Hartland, Michigan.

We continued our venture with an amusing dinner with a waitress who was only on her fourth shift.  Her father was sitting at one of her tables keeping an eye on her.  She was so nervous that our table kept trying to make her feel better about the long waits and multiple forgotten items.  We did get a chuckle about the fact that after her father left, the service greatly improved.

All-in-all, getting away from the TV commercials about the election and meeting the friendly Midwesterners made it a fantastic break from the hoopla of D.C. It was not the type of trip that Alex Garfield will be making in her books, but it was a needed break for her author! Thank you, Michigan.

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