What to expect from Tillman Gilson

Welcome to the Tillman Gilson blog.  I will use this platform for several purposes. I’ll keep you up to date on the character Alex Garfield and all of her adventures, as well as comment on current national security and intelligence issues.  In addition, since both Alex Garfield and I like fashion, and great food and drink, I will occasionally comment on restaurants or food and drink.

Alex Garfield is “Jane Bond.”  In other words, a spy for the U.S. who is undercover or what the C.I.A. would call a NOC  — non-official cover — which means she doesn’t have a government pretend job or work inside a U.S. government building either in the U.S. or overseas.  She instead pretends to be a consultant for private companies who need assistance running international events or understanding foreign politics while she runs operations for her real boss, which is a cover for the C.I.A.

In the first book, The Very Secret Weapon, Alex battles not only terrorists who plot to attack Washington, D.C., but also the Russian Mafia.  She, of course, has a handsome man in her life, who is a mercenary, as well as a daughter who is in college at the University of Virginia.  She is a widow and comes from money, which affords her an elegant lifestyle based in Wesley Heights in D.C.  She drives fast, expensive cars such as Astin Martins, Bugattis, and BMWs.  She loves Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Dior, as well as YSL and Fendi and she is an expert on jewelry.  She always flies first class and has a license to fly small planes and helicopters.  Her father was a Marine who went on to be very successful lawyer. Her mother came from a very wealthy family who made money from investment in real estate and commercial development.

Alex flies all over the world so the books take place in Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Rekyavik, Cairo, Istanbul, Ankara, Rome, Ulan Batur and the Gobi Desert to name a few.  All places — hotels, restaurants, and bars — are actual places where I have been.  Some may have new décor since the time Alex is in them, but they do exist.  Having been in the undercover world myself, I do not reveal enough detail in the plots that could be used to harm the U.S. but the actual plots are perfectly feasible and are threats that the U.S. faces daily.  All weaponry is real.

I hope you will enjoy my weekly posts and feel free to ask any questions or make comments.  My email is tillman.gilson@gmail.com.

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